Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Beginning.

Loudoun County in Northern Virginia is an interesting microcosm.  Due to it's location, and demographics, it is very representative of the entire state of Virginia.  We have Eastern Loudoun, which typically thinks and votes more like Northern Virginia, and Western Loudoun, which thinks and votes more like the rest of the state.

One of the interesting things about Loudoun, however, is we have lots of policies that create winners and losers, primarily because the interests of people in eastern Loudoun are so different from the interests of people in western Loudoun.  For the purpose of this blog, I am going to call eastern Loudoun any part of the county that is east of US Highway 15, and western Loudoun any part of the county west of US Highway 15, although increasingly, the interests of those along Harry Byrd Highway west of Leesburg are starting to mirror the interests of those in the eastern part of the county as development spreads to and around the Purcellville area.

The differences between Eastern and Western Loudoun are so stark, that many times I've found people (sometimes ardent Republicans others die-hard Democrats) who agree more with people of the opposite party in their geographic region than people of the same party outside of their geographic region.  Because of this, my goal with this publication is to remain as politically neutral as possible, rather to look at the policies proposed for Loudoun, and analyze them with economic reasoning to determine whether the policies are good or bad.  Unfortunately for the Republicans, that means your politicians are going to be more heavily criticized on here than the Democrats, largely because at present time Democrats hold zero seats on our board of supervisors, so there is nothing I can really criticize the democrats for, although there were several items, especially the redistricting plan pushed by the Democrats.  So, Republicans, if you don't want me to only criticize you, make sure some Democrats get elected in four years.

While historically I have been a Democrat, and have voted Democratic, there are areas where the Democrats in Loudoun County have missed the mark economically speaking, so that being said, I expect to offend all sides equally.

That being said, items I'm planning on exploring in the first few weeks are how we have developed the county, plans for future development in the county, transportation in the county, policy suggestions for development, and of course, as the new Board of Supervisors gets sworn in I will be watching what they say and do closely for material among other things.

If you have any ideas please post them in the comments section.  This blog will be published semi-regularily, but I can't guarantee a time frame since I am a full time student, either for publication or for new material to hit me.  The best way to get these posts is for you to follow this blog.

Addendum: 12/1/2011- 8:22 PM:

For those unfamiliar with the geography of Loudoun a map of the county with roads and towns mentioned in this post can be viewed here.

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  1. Please post some sort of map to help those of us who may not be familiar with Loudoun County. Thanks!